Message from a professor

The missions of Energy Systems Laboratory at University of Tsukuba are realization and social implementation of optimal energy systems. Our important value is to design energy systems from demand-side.

Energy systems have been studied from viewpoints of suppliers such as electric utilities. Only supply-sides are considered to be responsible for energy delivery to support social activities. Professional human resources who have high level skills and expertise are owned by supply-sides.

However, environment surrounding energy systems has being significantly changed. Distributed on-site generations such as solar photovoltaic generation systems or fuel cell combined heat and power systems have been penetrated. New technologies that controls demand-side equipment such as demand response have been realized. We are in a historical paradigm shift of energy systems.

As experts, we are responsible to provide technologies and intelligence to contribute to the realization of better, ideal energy systems toward sustainable future, as energy systems are fundamentals of our society. Energy Systems Laboratory has been established at University of Tsukuba to perform studies on energy systems from demand-side.

Although our activities belong to power and system engineering, multi-disciplinary knowledge and understanding are necessary to the development of technologies that can be implemented to our societies. In our lab, we are conducting studies from various viewpoints not only of engineering but also including social science and economics.

Let’s get involved and contribute to future energy and societies.

Energy Systems Laboratory, University of Tsukuba
Prof. Hirohisa Aki