Graduate students joined GFEST Summer Practicum

GFEST Summer Practicum was held on August 4 and 5, 2022. This event is a part of GFEST, a program for high school students with a strong interest in science, in which high school students experience lab works and communicate with international students at the University of Tsukuba. Four graduate students of the Energy System Laboratory participated and cooperated in the event. During the lab works, under the guidance and explanation of Mr. Ishikawa and Mr. Morita, they conducted experiments using experimental system combining a solar cell, a water electrolysis hydrogen production device, and a fuel cell, and learned about renewable energy power generation and hydrogen energy. At the exchange evening event with international students, Mr. Cho and Mr. Dong joined a group of high school students and exchanged opinions about what they are learning and interested in each other. They were very active and asked a lot of questions, making the event a fulfilling one.

Lab experience (Experimental system used for Advanced Labs for junior students)
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