Journal paper on the power management system for an apartment building accepted

A paper on the power management system for an apartment building authored by Mr. Mincheol Cho (D3) has been published in Journal of Building Engineering (IF 7.144 as of May 2023). In modern cities, residential buildings are multi-family buildings rather than single-family buildings due to geographical limitations. Compare with detached houses, apartment buildings have more complex structural characteristics consisting of many residential spaces and common facilities. With the penetration of distributed energy resources to the buildings, there is a possibility that the Vehicle-to-Home, Photovoltaic generation and battery energy storage systems cooperate with the power management system in the apartment buildings. The proposed system is developed to manage the all-inclusive power scheduling by dividing the comprehensive demand into residential demands and common facility power demands considering cooperative systems subject to a time-of-use pricing policy. These achievements are expected to provide people with residential satisfaction and reduce electricity costs by considering the residential environments of modern societies.

TItle: Design and implementation of power management system integrated with cooperative systems for an apartment building

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